The Looner

You’re a fun sort and you have a particular fetish you want to explore – balloons!

I adore sex atop a big balloon, it’s surprisingly ergonomic and feel like floating. Of course there’s always the threat of it popping to keep us on our toes. They are generally pretty safe though and we will place them on top of soft surfaces so if we fall it’s not too painful.

If you prefer smaller balloons or popping, pulling and squeaking, I’m also happy to oblige! Let me know what you’re into, looners are all so unique.

Inclusions: Making out, HJ, mutual oral, PIV penetrative sex, mutual sensual touching, multiple positions, toys of my choice on me. Anal play or anal sex on either of us for $100 extra. And most importantly, BALLOONS! I can provide giant balloons for us to fuck and play on, or smaller balloons for popping.

1 hour $700                      

90 mins $900                   

2 hours  $1200                

3 hours  $1600

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