Kinky PSE, BDSM and Fetish Sessions

What is PSE anyway? PSE stands for Porn Star Experience, which is differs to the usual GFE – Girlfriend Experience.

PSE means different things to different people, but the general vibe is that you’ll partake in some less-than-vanilla activities, exciting things typically reserved for porn.

Every provider will have their own version of what is included in a PSE session, and for me I like to break it up further into specific experiences, each listed below with their own inclusions. Some of these sessions are the same price as GFE, some cost more. PSE activities include but are not limited to; dom and sub sessions, kink and fetish play, rough play, bondage, discipline, kinky roleplay, group play and anal play on me or you.

Activities you will not find in any of my services include bareback sex or bareback blowjobs, cum-on-face, cum-in-mouth, penetrative shower sex, unprotected rimming on you. I always follow safer sex practices to protect the health of myself and my clients and do not offer these services.

If you are looking to re-enact activities in porn that you have seen – I am very open to being sent a link to a video you like and can let you know if I’m into it. What are your favourite search terms? Don’t be shy…

Please click on any of the below to read more about each type of session, including full rates and inclusions.

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