The Sensualist

Gentle fingertips and tongues tracing outlines, a hedonistic exploration of the senses.  You can choose to be the giver or receiver.  Or, we can take turns on each other, give and take, occasionally wrestling the position of power from each other and stopping the other in their tracks.   Steamy seductive lesbian vibes – a total Pillow Prince/ss experience where one of us lays back and blisses out while the other enjoys the tactile exploration of the human form.  Make me gasp, moan, shudder.   Tease me, edge me, make me wet, make me ache.  Or lay back and let me get you out of your head and into your body.  Get completely lost in the moment with me. Blindfolds, ice cubes and melted wax all available on request.

The Sensualist – Body mapping on you: All of the above, but with an inclusion of a sensual mapping and exploration of your body to find out what feels good for you, including embodiment coaching to get you into the zone before we begin. 

The Sensualist – Body mapping on me: Your fingertips, hands and mouth wander while I provide education and real-time feedback on what feels good for me, and tips on how to improve your technique.

Inclusions:  Lots of sexy making out and hands everywhere, mutual oral, lots of closeness, pussy sliding and grinding, slowburn build up to PIV penetrative sex, anal play and anal sex on either or both of us, massage if booking 90 mins or more.  

60 mins  $650                  

90 mins  $900                  

2 hours  $1200                

3 hours  $1600

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