Sensual Submissive

I am a switched and a well-versed dom and sub in my personal life. I usually take a dominant approach during bookings, but I am now opening up the opportunity for you to experience my submissive side.

There are many different flavours of submissive, and while I am happy to roleplay if you have a particular scenario you would like to experience, I am naturally a sensual submissive. If I get to do what comes naturally to me, you will find I become largely non-verbal while I hone into the deep stirring sensations in my body, and turn into a sticky gooey puddle of a human being.

Our session will typically start with a formal talk about my boundaries and limits, and the types of activities you would like to enjoy. From there, we can start our play. I will set alarms so I don’t need to worry about time, but its important we stick to our schedule because after-care is important to me and this will also be loaded into the end of the session.

Please allow 30mins of your booking time for consent chats and after-care.

Safe words will be used throughout the booking and all activities are included at my discretion and comfort level. Some of the potential activities could include:

  • Some restraints
  • Erotic tease and denial
  • Face fucking
  • Impact play – spanking, slapping, flogging
  • Golden showers on me
  • CNC Roleplay
  • Toys on me (my own toys)
  • Collaring
  • Verbal humiliation
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Forceful anal sex

I also have a kinky playmate Mxstress Mercy May, who would be more than happy to join us for a 3-way so that they can assist you in dominating me.

Inclusions: HJ, mutual oral, PIV penetrative sex, anal sex, cum on body, dirty talk, roleplay, shame and humiliation, BDSM activities per a formal conversation and always at my discretion, after-care. Oral and penetrative sex requires condoms always.

1 hour $800                      

90 mins  $1200               

2 hours  $1600                

3 hours $1800

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