If you’re shy, you can send me a shoot me an anonymous message here, and I might answer it via my FAQ below in the future, or post the answer on my Twitter feed. You can also include an email address if you would like me to respond directly. Please note that if you are seeking a sexting session, see here.

Why Are you a sexworker?

I came for the sex, I stayed for the flexible hours.

I’ve always ran a little hot and enjoyed the temptation of the flesh. They say if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. Well, my libido is outrageous and I love sex, I think about it all the time, I’m a thirsty, thirsty babe. I was already rampantly horny and exploring widely, and was getting a lot of compliments on my skills in the bedroom. I decided to look into sexwork as an option because I felt I was more than capable, and years later here I am, still loving it.

It started out just being about sex but I also find meeting and connecting with gorgeous babes so incredibly rewarding. It’s really a passion project for me in every sense. I love that I get to impact people’s day and mood in such a positive way, seeing people leave with a spring in their step, or like a weight has been lifted, that gives me so much joy.

I’m able to pass on knowledge, give people a safe space for exploration, and make human touch and connection possible. I get that in return from my clients and love meeting people from all walks of life.

I also get to have this wild sex life that I always dreamed of having, bringing my own fantasies to work and making them reality on a regular basis.

Financially, I make a similar amount to a regular job, and there is a lot of behind the scenes admin, so that’s not specifically a drawcard. But if its this, or some boring office job, I pick this every day of the week!

What services do you offer?

OMG so many! I do in-person standard and more unique GFE, various PSE offerings, cuddle dates, social dates and educational experiences. I also offering online-only services such as sexting and custom digital content.

I like to give people as much information as possible so they know what they can expect, as this usually reduces anxiety about new experiences. I also find that a lot of people seeking my services, do not 100% know what it is that they want to experience or wide variety of options available. So, I have designed dozens of specific experiences that you can choose from, that each have their own unique vibe, inclusions and prices. Check out my FULL MENU!

If you know exactly what you want and this doesn’t apply to you, you might be after Standard GFE or a Bespoke PSE experience. And if you just want me to have a good time and don’t much mind what we do? Check out Ember’s Choice.

Are you LGBTQIA+ Friendly?

Babe I’m more than just friendly, I’m enthusiastic and all in on queer love and sex. I’m pan-sexual and genderqueer myself. I love providing a safe haven for sexual exploration, as well as easy companionship, and part of that is being available to all genders, and for all configurations of sex. I’m a switch, vers, and baby-gay friendly as well.

I’m very experienced with navigating all sorts of gender dysphoria, gay panic, body dysmorphia and general anxiety. I’m great with a strap-on too, and own a wide variety of toys. Trans folk, non-binary babes, kinky or lifestyle cross-dressers, lesbians, nervous bi-curious beans – you’re all welcome.

Do you have A preferred type of client?

I welcome bodies of all shapes and sizes, races, religions, abilities and genders, as long as you are aged 18 or over. I do not need to see a selfie of you to check if you are hot enough – this is irrelevant to me. What is relevant is that you must be respectful, provided all information requested, and practice proper hygiene. This includes showering directly before or at the start of a session, ensuring your hands are clean and your breath is fresh. I hold myself at the same standard.

Do you offer Threesomes?

Yes! I love group play so much! I offer a wide range of group play scenarios, including being a unicorn for a couple, being shared by friends, 3-ways, 4-ways and more-ways with my own friends joining us. I can even put together a reverse gangbang for you with an all-star cast. I also host semi-regular gangbang and orgy events that you can register your interest for. I am also happy to be your companion at a Swinger’s Party. Check out my Group Play page to check out all my hot playmates, or reach out with your own partner-in-crime to arrange a sexy tryst. I love playing with my friends, it’s always a good time.

What is your sexuality?

I am pansexual and genuinely enjoy sexual and romantic encounters with all genders. In my personal life, I date the full gender spectrum, and I love that for me. Delicious variety.

Can I request specific Outfits or roleplay scenarios?

You absolutely can. Some requests are easier to fulfill than others, some would take more notice or additional fees. It really depends on the request! Check out my service The Checklist –  Bespoke GFE or PSE if you’ve got something very particular on your mind. I also offer roleplay during sexting sessions. If you want a different type of session, but just want me to wear lingerie you saw in a recent pic, you’re welcome to ask, and if its possible to accommodate I absolutely will. Less decisions for me to make!

What are your extras?

Rather than offering extras, I offer different types of services that have their own unique inclusions. You will not find BBBJ CIMWS or COF anywhere though, its not something I offer. Anal is included in some services, and costs $100 extra during others. Check out my full menu to find the type of session that suits your particular proclivities.

Are you available for travel or Overnight bookings?

I absolutely am, and I have a page about that too. I love travel. For obvious reasons, the more notice I have, the more likely it is that I would be able to accommodate your request.

I want to Bring you a gift, what would be suitable?

That’s so lovely of you! I actually have a wishlist available online HERE if you’re after something specific. If you would prefer to pick something yourself, I love flowers, candles, vegan sweets and chocolates, fancy kombucha, art supplies of pretty much any kind, photography equipment and boardgames. Gift vouchers for massages are also always welcome, I adore massages. Clothing, lingerie and shoes are a bit more personal and I prefer to try things on, so if you wanted to get me something like that I would prefer a gift card or a shopping trip together.

I do not consume alcohol or animal products at all.

what types of payment do you accept?

I prefer cash, but also accept Beem to @emorgx. For digital services, I also accept payment via my Onlyfans, my wishlist, and Prezzee Gift Cards.

Do you require Deposits?

I will sometimes ask for a non-refundable deposit, depending on the type and location of booking, as well as how far in advance the booking is.

The deposit amount is $200 for a 30min, or $300 for bookings of an hour or more. My preferred deposit payment platform is Beem, but I will also accept payment via my Wishlist or Prezzee Gift Cards.

Deposits are to cover my costs and my time, as well as to discourage people from booking me if they are not serious about following through.

Unfortunately I have been stood up, ghosted and short-notice cancelled on more times than I can count, so I no longer accept bookings without a deposit if:

– You are a new client

– You are an existing client but you have previously cancelled, not shown up or been inconsistent with your communication

– You are booking for early morning or late night

– You are booking a session that requires me to travel

– You are booking a session that requires me to pay for accommodation or specific supplies

– You have requested something extra kinky (because often people get a big idea, then they chicken out)

Short notice (within a few hours) bookings at my incall do not generally require a deposit, however, it’s pure luck if you are able to book me short notice, so I highly recommend booking in advance to secure your ideal time and location.

Can I see a recent pic of you?

All pics on my website, including my gallery, are fairly recent, I’m also regularly updating my Twitter and Onlyfans. If you would like custom photos, check out my page about digital services and sexting. I do not provide face pics anywhere.

Are you Fully Vaxxed?

Yes, I keep up with all relevant vaccinations.

What is your sexual Health Status?

I complete full STI checks every 2 months, and as of my last check I am STI-free. I always use condoms for oral and penetrative sex. I take my sexual health very seriously.

Do I have to provide ID? I am worried about my privacy.

If you would like to spend time with me, and have access to my location, my body and my time, then yes, you do. See my page about Screening for more information about this process, why I require your ID and what I do with it. This is non-negotiable, if you are uncomfortable providing ID, please do not try to book me.

Do You See Virgins?

Yeah! Quite regularly, actually. Here’s some more information about that.

Are you shaved?

I have trimmed hair in front, shaved underneath. Check out my Onlyfans for all sorts of graphic detail.

I have Erectile Dysfunction, or, I am concerned about premature Ejaculation, is this a problem?

Both are very common and I come across it very regularly. I welcome all bodies with all abilities, and ED and PE only become a problem if you make it one.

There’s a lot more to sex than Penis-in-vagina, and a lot more to enjoy about each others bodies than just that one act. I’m regularly having mind-blowing queer sex that has no penis-in-vagina action whatsoever, so I KNOW its not a problem for me.

I never walk into a session with any sort of expectation, aside from being treated with respect. Bring your curiosity with you and perhaps your hands and mouth, and we can have all sorts of fun. If ED or PE is something you would like to work on improving with me, with advice from your doctor, or techniques you heard about that you would like to try out, I am absolutely happy to assist. But I’m also happy to take the pressure off entirely and go a different route to pleasure, what happens, happens.

The only thing I would flag is that I require condoms for all oral and penetrative sex, and if we can’t get a condom on then those acts cannot happen. But as I said, there is a whole lot more to sex than PIV.

Putting pressure on yourself can also make ED and PE worse, so I want to assure you that there is definitely no judgement or pressure coming from me and I will happily enjoy your body in all sorts of ways, regardless of your penises mood at the time.

I have a really small Penis, is this a problem?

I welcome all bodies with all abilities, and your penis size will only become a problem if you make it one. I honestly couldn’t care less!

There’s a lot more to sex than Penis-in-vagina, and a lot more to enjoy about each others bodies than just that one act. I’m regularly having mind-blowing queer sex that has no penis-in-vagina action whatsoever, so I KNOW its not a problem for me.

Aside from that, there’s a lot of PIV fun to be had with a smaller penis, different sizes work better for different positions, and I have plenty of experience with a wide variety of sizes.

How many times can I cum?

That’s a personal question that only you can answer. I can’t guarantee that you will cum during our time together AT ALL! Its not a priority for me, everybody has their own unique abilities and quirks. You might find yourself overcome with nerves and be unable to orgasm at all. You might have five in ya! If you specifically want a session that is focused on you having a certain number of orgasms, I recommend The Checklist PSE.

What is your favourite position?

I love variety, but my go-to for an absolutely toe-curling damn-near-guaranteed orgasm is cowgirl, riding someone while they tweak my nipples and I use a vibrator. I do that a lot. I also love tribbing combined with nipple play. Nipple play is a very important factor in my orgasm. Please don’t forget.

What Are your favourite types of foreplay?

Nipple play – suck them, flick them, lightly squeeze or pull them. Please, please, please touch my nipples as much as possible. However much you’re doing it, you can go ahead and double it. Everything feels better with nipple play. I also love slow sensual touch with lightly grazing fingers all over my body, eventually tracing their way to my vulva, delicately exploring my outer labia and occasionally teasing my clit. I’m sure you can figure out a way to suck my nipples at the same time. Also foot massages. Yes please. Making out and grinding is really hot too.

What usually happens during an ember’s Choice Session?

This varies a lot depending on my mood, but also based on the energy of the person I am with. I’m usually top-leaning, take what I want, lay still, touch this, do that, eat me out, fuck me harder, slower… Sometimes I can be quite dominant. It also depends if I have seen this person many times before, or if they are new, as once I know their likes and limits I can play around a bit more.

But sometimes, just sometimes, someone will walk in and just KNOW how to touch me in a way that makes me lose control and when that happens, I lean into that, I choose to let them lead and luxuriate in their touch.

Whichever kind of way I am feeling, I’m always deep in the sensations of my body, time stops, I will happily and un-self-consciously chase my own orgasms. Then once I’m a puddle, I will usually get them off too, and then we might cuddle and chat depending on the time.

I want to get to know you first, is that possible?

It absolutely is! I want you to be comfortable for me, it is a very vulnerable space and its important you feel safe, and connected. I offer non-sexual cuddle dates, social dates, and also recommend my digital services if you would like to have a few text or phone based conversations and flirtation prior to meeting in person.

Do you actually maz when you do sexting?

I do actually maz when I do sexting. I take my work very seriously. Also, any excuse for a play!

Do you Tour other cities?

I do, I can, I intend to! If you would be interested in me coming to your city for a tour, please reach out and I can let you know the likelihood of that happening. I am unlikely to tour regional towns, only major cities, and I will not tour in South Australia due criminalisation in that state.

I am also available for Fly-Me-To-You (FMTY) bookings, where I can come visit just for you.

Do you have any gangbang or orgy events coming up?

I just adore these events and can’t wait for the next one!! But it requires your input. If you are interested in attending an event like this, let me know! Click HERE to register your interest. The more interest I get, the more likely it is that I will run an event.

What don’t you do? What are your limits?

No fingers! But also, check out my Etiquette page, under the tab titled Rules of Play, and you’ll find a list of my hard limits. In addition, there may be things I just don’t feel like doing on a particular day, so consent check-ins are always important, even if you have my limits list memorised.

If you’re interested in trying out something fresh and fun and have something in mind, you are welcome to run it past me to see what I think. I will respectfully decline if it’s something I don’t want to do, or let you know my limits specific to that scenario.

Do you take early morning bookings?

If you’d like a cheeky rendezvous on your way to work or before you go to the gym, you’ll be happy to note that I am a morning person and absolutely love morning sex. However, there have been numerous occasions in which I have gotten up early and prepared for a delicious time, only to be disappointed with a no-show. Technical difficulties with alarm clocks are usually cited as the issue.

To that end, though I welcome bookings from 6am onwards, all bookings before 9:30am will require a deposit payment of $200.

You seem to only be available during business hours. Do you take weekend or Evening Bookings?

Weekends and evenings are for socialising, me-time, and relaxing. I also enjoy getting out in nature on weekends so I am often away on camping and hiking trips.

My nights and weekends book out well in advance. I have a rich and fulfilling social life and prioritise my relationships and connections. I might also be taking some time out, pursuing my hobbies, or catching up on housework and life admin.

From a business perspective, I have done the numbers and generally do not get many enquiries when I make myself available for nights and weekends. Most of my client base wants to see me during business hours, so I cater to this.

I recommend taking some time off work and treat our time together as well needed self-care; this is how most of my clients operate. However, if you are genuinely unable to see me during business hours, I can arrange to be available if given enough notice. Weekend and Evening bookings require at least 2 weeks notice, and will always attract a deposit.

I am unlikely to respond to text messages sent to me at night until the next day, and will not respond at all if you have not provided the necessary information. I receive a lot of time-waster messages from intoxicated people on nights and evenings and I simply ignore all messages as a result, unless you have done due diligence. Click here for more info on how to approach me.

I also am usually asleep between 10pm – 6am. I do not see clients after 9:30pm, unless it is an overnight booking.


If you’re shy, you can send me a shoot me an anonymous message here, and I might answer it via my FAQ in the future, or post on my Twitter feed about it. You can also include an anonymous email address if you would like me to respond directly. Please note that if you are seeking a sexting session, see here.