Ember’s Choice

A connective and passionate full service session, a delicious exchange of sensual energy.  This is as real as it gets, we are paying attention to each other, not the clock.

I take control, tell you what I want, call all the shots, my pleasure comes first.

For the pleasers, the service tops, and the happy-go-lucky that just want a good time.

Depending on my mood you’ll either get a demanding princess or a frenzied dominant force, either way you’re expected to do as you’re told.  Expect tits in your mouth.

During a longer session, the foreplay will be drawn out and you may be asked to give me a massage or cuddle, and then we might chat and then fuck again. Its up to me!

The only goal is good sex.

Inclusions:  Babe you’re just happy to be here. If you have to ask, its not for you.  Nothing painful though I promise! 

About 30 mins:  $350               

1 Hour: $600

1.5 Hours: $850

2 Hours: $1,100

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