How to book a provider

As sexwork providers, we receive a lot of enquiries, and a lot of them are automatically ignored or even blocked, based on the approach they have made.

In our wholesome whore community, we talk to each other a lot about these experiences and its all too common to receive messages that are disrespectful. In this line of work, our boundaries are very important to us, as is our intuition on a client. So we will not hesitate to block and move on, to protect ourselves and our peace.

In addition, the sheer quantity of messages we receive from time-wasters makes our phones a less than enjoyable part of our jobs. At times it can be outright exhausting. It can really fray our nerves wading through all the *shit* that gross guys like to fling at us.

Someone that crosses a boundary in an online or text exchange is someone that could potentially continue to cross boundaries in person, which is a danger we seek to avoid, by trusting our gut, and by having high standards for communication.

Unfortunately, a genuine, polite and respectful enquirer can occasionally get misread as a time-waster, or even a threat to our safety. To that end, I want to let you know about some ways you can avoid being unnecessarily ignored, blocked or reported by myself or one of my peers.


You want to see me NOW – Much to my dismay, I do not currently own a time machine or a transporter, so now is not an option. Unless you’re reading this as I am laying beside you, but if that’s the case – hey! you! Get off your phone and play with my tits!

You messaged me in the middle of the night. I never take bookings between the hours of 9pm – 6am, apart from Overnight sessions, and will ignore requests that come in during that time, unless they are enquiries for a future time. Feel free to message me in the night for future bookings though, I put my phone on silent when I am asleep and check messages around 6am-7am the next day.

If you message things like ‘U avail?’, ‘Hi’‘Sex now’, I will probably not respond. Instead, I recommend taking the time to write a detailed message which provides your name, the type and length of service you would like, and the preferred day, time and location. Not only is it respectful, and common courtesy, I also believe that the level of effort you put into your message directly correlates to the level of effort you put into sex. So if you send a zero-effort message, I will assume you’re going to be bad in bed and will avoid. Deliciously detailed, polite, thorough enquirers are ALWAYS attentive lovers and I have not been proven wrong yet.

If I provide information or state my boundaries, then you question it. Nothing clamps my pussy shut faster than someone making me re-assert my boundaries, so even if I was in a really good mood, I wouldn’t be horny anymore and wouldn’t want to see you on that basis. Examples include:

  • Me: I am available today until 3pm You: ‘how about 5pm?’ 
  • Me: I don’t offer natural services You: ‘can you do CIMWS?’
  • Me: 1 hour is $650 You: ‘can you do $600?’
  • Me: I require photo ID You: ‘I don’t do that, I’m a good guy you can trust me’

If you message me with dirty talk and ask lots of sexy questions about specifics of potential booking – you are what we call a “fantasy booker”, we assume you are jerking off and trying to get free sexting. Maybe you’re not, you’re just enthusiastic and curious! Unfortunately, this is a case of the Bad Guys ruining things for the Good Guys, we stay firm on our boundaries to avoid being taken advantage of.

Keep your dirty talk to a minimum to avoid being blocked. Consider the wording of your messages, to avoid being read as ‘dirty’ e.g. “Does your GFE include oral on you?” is acceptable language. “Can I lick your pussy? I love eating pussy for hours” will get you immediately blocked by some providers.

If you would like to request a specific, detailed fantasy booking and descriptive sexy talk is required to convey your request, you can use my email contact form and tell me everything there. If you would like a detailed sexy back and forth about a potential booking, please pay for a sexting session.

If you send me an unsolicited dick pic, this is legally sexual harrassment. I will assume you are incapable of respecting other boundaries I set in the room, see you as a threat, and block you. If you would like feedback on your dick, you are welcome to ask first, and book a sexting session. If you want to excite me in the lead up to a booking, a dick pic is absolutely not the way to go about it.

If you make a booking, then continue to regularly message me in the lead up to the booking, you may be asked to book a sexting session. I welcome enthusiasm or even daily cute countdown texts but please be respectful of my time and capacity. Unsolicited dirty talk in particular will make me feel that my time and peace is being violated and I may cancel the booking.

You called me – I am a millennial, please don’t do that… Seriously though, I do not take phone calls, not many of my peers do either. Unfortunately, another Bad Guys ruining it for Good Guys thing.

We regularly receive phone calls from guys jerking off breathing heavy into their phones. We also might not be available RIGHT NOW for your call, so an SMS is more practical. SMS me with your request and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Whichever contact style the provider has mentioned in their ad – that is the one you should be using. When you do something other than that, its a red flag as you’re ignoring a boundary set.

Hopefully this will make it easier for you to navigate our exciting world. At the end of the day its common decency and respect we are seeking, and if you give us that we will feel comfy speaking with you, which will lead to a much sexier time for both of us.

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