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I will sometimes ask for a non-refundable deposit, depending on the type and location of booking, as well as how far in advance the booking is.

The deposit amount is $200 for a 30min session, or $300 for bookings of an hour or more. My preferred deposit payment platform is Beem to @emorgx.

Beem requires you to install an app on your phone and verify yourself prior to sending a payment. It’s very simple to use once set up and payments to me show up on your bank statement simply as “Beem”.

I will also accept payment online via my Wishlist or Prezzee Gift Cards. Neither of those options require you to have a login, you can just pay using a credit or debit card.


Deposits are to cover my costs and my time, as well as to discourage people from booking me if they are not serious about following through.

Unfortunately I have been stood up, ghosted and short-notice cancelled on more times than I can count. Sometimes people book me while intoxicated, or have a big fun idea of something kinky they want to do – then chicken out, others are just bad at time management, or they sleep in/fall asleep and miss the booking.

Your booking will require a deposit if:

  • You are a new client
  • You are an existing client but you have previously cancelled or stood me up
  • You are booking for an early morning or late night
  • You are booking a session that requires me to travel
  • If I have to pay for accommodation in order to see you
  • If I have to pay for supplies for the session e.g. a requested outfit
  • You have requested something extra kinky

Short notice (within a couple hours) bookings at my incall do not generally require a deposit, however, it’s pure luck if you are able to book me short notice.

I highly recommend booking in advance to secure your ideal time and location, and pay a deposit to assure me that you are serious.

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