The Virgin – First Time Sexual Experience

Over 18 and feel like you’ve been missing out on life’s carnal pleasures?

I don’t buy into purity culture or the idea that virginity is a prize to be taken, but I do agree that your first time should be special, enjoyable and safe.

It can be a nerve-racking experience sharing yourself in such an intimate way with someone and should be done with someone that will show you care and acceptance. I would love to give you a rich and delicious sensual experience that you will remember forever.

Perhaps you want to garner some experience so that you can feel confident when dating that you will have the skills required. I love sharing my knowledge and sending people on the right path and really love vibing with people that think other peoples pleasure is important.

I offer you a safe space to explore sensations and experiences you have always wanted. I also offer education sessions and tours of my body, a space where we can have candid conversations about sex in a learning space. You can ask any questions you like, try out different things, explore each other.

We can lean into the education aspect as much as you like, I can help you improve your kissing and foreplay skills and we can try out various positions and activities.

We can take it slow with social dates and foreplay only sessions prior to escalating to sex, or we can jump right in. I can show you the ropes, or you can request to reenact your favourite scenes and fantasies.

I welcome all bodies aged 18+ and an environment where you don’t have pressures to perform a certain way or have to worry about being judged in any way.

Perhaps its not your first sexual experience but you would like to explore your queerness. This is a queer friendly space, I am pansexual and love to spend time exploring sexuality with all genders. I am also genderfluid and enjoy taking on a more traditionally masculine role including topping.

Inclusions: Making out, HJ, mutual oral, PIV penetrative sex, mutual sensual touching, multiple positions, toys of my choice on me. Anal play or anal sex on either of us for $100 extra.

45mins $500                    

1 hour $650                      

90 mins  $900                  

2 hours  $1200

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