Below are some testamonials from my lovely clients. I always appreciate feedback and you can send your reviews directly to me or post them on my Ivy Societe profile.

Short version: Choose Life, Choose Ember. Long Version: I met Ember for the first time today at very short notice on my part, and Ember was very accommodating – in fact replied almost instantly! The entire experience was, simply put, life-affirming. Ember possesses a unique presence that is innately difficult to describe – but we all know it when we encounter it, and indeed are embraced by it, swept up in it. A simply thrilling and all-too-brief hour. I’m so glad I met you Ember. I’m already planning on it not being the only time. – JC

Amber is guaranteed to never disappoint. She is a naturally beautiful and alluring person with the personality and bedroom skills to match. I have been privileged to meet with her on multiple occasions and experience her sensual and passionate nature. Amber’s sexy curves, wicked smile and incredible openness make every meeting so different and memorable. I just love to visit Amber and try new things and explore every inch of her deliciousness as we tease one another’s senses. Always a First Class experience. – Andrew

I have had several catch ups with Amber over the last few months. She is an absolute delight to be with. She has a warm and friendly personality that immediately puts you at ease. She is a woman that knows her body and knows what she likes and most certainly has all the skills you look for in the bedroom. It is indeed an understatement to say that you will leave feeling satisfied. Every encounter somehow is better than the last. I will certainly be back for more visits. – Patrick

I have had education sessions with Ember, then progressed onto Ember’s Choice and an occasional longer session. I really love Ember’s assertiveness in the bedroom, they know what they like and they seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves and lost in the moment. They are able to seamlessly combine sensual and intimate connection with a kinkier, dirty vibe too, Ember is into all sorts and has such enthusiasm. I also feel like I am sexy when I am with them, Ember makes me feel desired, comfortable in my own skin, welcomed, accepted. Best sex I have ever had, and I have learned a lot as well. – Chris

I recently had my first experience that too threesome with two beauties ember and ivy , and it was absolutely wonderful. Ember was incredibly professional and attentive, making sure I was comfortable throughout the session. The ambiance of the space was calming and serene, contributing to a truly relaxing experience. The threesome itself was exceptional, with just the right amount of pressure to ease my tensions without causing any discomfort. On the top,she is amazing in bed , and will not leave you disappointed.I highly recommend Ember to anyone, especially first-timers who might be nervous about the experience. – Avvv

This was my first encounter with Ember and I can hand on heart say this was something that you will never forget and one I will be pursuing again. Ember was extremely accommodating, she is very attentive to your questions and sensitive to your needs. This is an experience and she ensures that your experience is the best it can possibly be. Stunning, and sensual you will not be disappointed you will be more than satisfied. – Anon

I was really nervous to book my first escort and decided to go with Ember as I liked their website and the way she talked in her ads. Ember immediately put me at ease, she was very warm and welcoming. I have not had much sexual experience but with Ember taking charge we had genuinely great sex that felt amazing and she really seemed to enjoy herself. Shes an amazing kisser and very reactive to touch. I loved being guided by her and melting into each other. It was also very hot to watch her chasing an orgasm, wow. I haven’t stopped thinking about it and will be back again soon. – Adam

The best sexting sessions. She gets really into it and sends really hot videos that I keep and enjoy again and again. I love how dirty she is but also very generous with what she shares. Great value and amazing body. – Moses

She was very nice and comfortable to be around prices are very reasonable and she understood what I wanted and what I didn’t want – Baylee

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