Rise and Grind

Rise and Grind: my new offering. I’m now available for early morning cuddles that lead to more. I’ve taken my favourite part of an overnight booking and distilled it, for those that are unable to partake in the full experience.

I’m a big fan of that early part of the morning where we are all cosy in bed cuddling in just our underwear, enjoying the quiet, my leg draped over yours. Lets rest together and sink into that sleepy dreamy space for a while.

As I become more wakeful, my hands will start wandering, stroking your body. I’m a very tactile person and love exploring you with my fingertips slowly. You can continue to lay there quietly or you might like to gentle explore me too. A few soft kisses here and there to acknowledge each other.

I’ll become gradually more aware of your body heat pressing on me between my legs, cognisant of my bare breasts brushing against your body. The blood will rush to my pussy as I think about it and it will start aching, so I’ll start slowly grinding against your thigh as we cuddle. My wandering hands will make their way down your body to your underwear, to see if you’re also aroused. Maybe you’re still.. sleepy. I want to change that.

Keeping the mood cosy and quiet, I will rub and tease you through your underwear for a while. Eventually I’ll need more stimulation myself so I’ll change positions to be on top of you, still cuddling, but now grinding against you slowly. You continue to relax or your hands can grab my arse and the kisses become more frequent.

My movements become more urgent as I grind against you… I take a break and move up so I can put an eager nipple in your mouth. Nap time is over for you. I need to cum and I’m going to use you to make that happen. After that its your turn. Then more cuddles.

1 Hour:       $500

1.5 Hours:   $700

2 Hours:      $900

3 Hours:      $1200  – includes finishing the session by holding hands as we wander down to a local café, then getting coffee or breakfast.

If you have scheduling issues, I can also turn this into a Mid-morning or Afternoon Nap experience instead. I so often receive the comment from my clientele that they wish they could stay and nap for a while after sex, so, here it is!

The Nitty Gritty:

Early morning bookings must be organised by the night before, I am not available short notice prior to 9am. I am happy to take bookings from 5:30am onwards.

I find that when I have early morning bookings its common for people to sleep in and stand me up, so all bookings prior to 8am require a deposit of $200.

Regardless of the length of session, the active sex-having part of the booking is going to be the same. Longer booking means more cuddles, not more sex.

Logistically speaking: We greet each other, payment is sorted out. Then, you hop in the shower while I hop into bed. You dry off, put your underwear on, and join me in bed, where I am soooo ready for a snuggle sesh and wearing comfy underwear and nothing else. I shower immediately before the session. Lets skip the morning breath.

Don’t feel the need to make conversation; the vibe blissful quiet, not awkward silence.

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