The Trusted Advisor

Should you see a therapist? Yes! Absolutely! Are you going to? I hope so! But if you don’t feel comfy in that setting, or you just think I’m cuter and enjoy the sound of my husky voice, I am available on reasonably short notice.

I strongly believe that talking to *someone* is so important. I want to provide a safe place for people that might not have someone in their lives that they can turn to for advice and a listening ear. Bounce your ideas off me, vent about your struggles, and lets get into problem-solving mode together.

I’m often told by my friends, family, colleagues and clients how good I am at giving advice.

With my honest, sometimes blunt approach to problems, I’m not a yes-man – I’m going to tell it like it is, so that you can have clarity and get on with your life.

Pragmatic, thoughtful, and with logic and rationale to rival Spock. Let me untangle your love life, your sex life, your work troubles, your mind.

I can also help you decide what pants look best or tell you what to eat for dinner.

Disclaimer: I am not qualified to provide psychiatry, medical advice or financial advice and I am not responsible for any outcomes. Ultimately decisions are yours. All advice is provided by a logic driven, opinionated, usually right, fiercely intelligent hooker.

However, I do have experience and knowledge in the following fields: sex work, business development, business management, office management, high-level administration, marketing, finance, budgeting, IT troubleshooting, plant-based nutrition, cooking and baking, embodiment and meditation, intentional living, childcare, psychology, sociology, relationships, travel planning, and various forms of shopping, including fashion, technology and bargain hunting.

Peer Support: I’m happy to give advice to peers regarding the industry during these sessions as well, but have little knowledge about the Male Escort industry and will not provide advice about entering this field.

Feel free to ask me for advice anytime during any other type of session you have booked, or if you want to book me specifically for coaching, see below rates.

SMS me or reach out via Snapchat, Whatsapp or Signal. Got decision fatigue? Can’t decide what to have for dinner? Or what to watch? Trying to decide what to buy? I love making decisions. Let me run your life! $10 per question after the first three, payable via Beem or Onlyfans.

I am generally available via text within a couple hours Mon-Fri 7am-9pm, and a bit patchier on weekends.

Basic questions can include a photo, and require either a yes/no answer, or a this-or-that sort of response.

Disrespectful or inappropriate questions will get you blocked without a response. I’m not here to have my time wasted, I’m here to have fun.

This can be done in person over a cuppa at a cafe, during a nice walk along the river, picnic in the park, or in my bedroom or living room if you want a little more privacy. I also offer texting sessions and phone calls.

This is a clothed, non-sexual session. Conversation can be about sex, if you are seeking sex education.

In person or via a phone call:

  • 30 Minutes: $150
  • 1 Hour: $300
  • 1.5 Hours: $400
  • Additional fee will apply if I have to arrange a hotel for the session

Via text message:

  • 30 Minutes: $100
  • 1 Hour: $200
  • 1.5 Hours: $300
  • SMS, Snapchat, Whatsapp or Signal, with potential delays in responding.

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