See below information about my screening process, what is allowed and not allowed during bookings, etiquette for how to approach me for a booking, and common faux pas you can avoid.

So you’re ready to take the plunge! Yesss this is so exciting! I can’t wait to hear from you. Please reach out via SMS to 0435 349 800, or via my Email Contact Form if you would like to go into detail about your request.

When messaging me for a booking, be sure to include:

You may also provide your photo ID immediately (see Screening Process tab), or wait until we have organised to meet up.

The more notice you give me, the more likely it is that I will be available for the time and day you request. However, I am open to short notice bookings, so if you want to see me ***ASAP*** then feel free to reach out to see if I am available. I require a minimum of 1 hour notice when I am available.

I highly recommend checking out my blog post to learn more about etiquette when booking a provider: COMMON FAUX PAS.

New clients are required to complete a screening process prior to securing an appointment with me.

In order to proceed, I will request that you send me a copy of photo ID. This can be a Driver Licence, Passport or Proof of Age Card.

I use your identification to verify:

Your legal name – which I will check against industry blacklists to ensure you are not a known offender

Your date of birth – to ensure you are over the age of 18

Your photo – to match the real-life you to the above details

For group or couple bookings, this information is required for all parties.

I keep this information on file for future reference. In the event that you assault me or otherwise put me in danger, your information would be shared with the police and with industry blacklists. In all other circumstances your information will be kept 100% confidential. I take my business very seriously and am well-established in the community. I would not risk losing my job (which I love) by misappropriating client information. I have a high level of professionalism and use discretion always.

My reason for requesting photo identification is for my safety, and it is non-negotiable. While my presence online is well-established, including photo verified listings on, and reviews on, you are a complete wildcard. I am providing you with my location and access to my body, so I need to feel safe with you, and this is one of the things that helps me to feel safe.

I completely understand that you may not feel comfortable providing ID to a stranger over the internet, or perhaps you have even been scammed before. You may cover your address and ID # for added privacy if you prefer. If you are still uncomfortable, I recommend you seek the services of another provider or establishment. Every worker has their own personal comfort levels for screening and this is mine.

If you attempt to negotiate my screening process, you will be blocked immediately and no booking will be taken.

Below are the rules of play – my hard boundaries, which must be adhered to in all bookings.

If I have to verbalise a boundary more than once, the session will be immediately ended, with no refund.

  • I will not see anyone under the age of 18, ID is required as age verification
  • Condoms required for oral on you, no exceptions, no creampies, no cim, no facials.
  • Condoms required for pussy sliding and all penetrative sex, including on toys.
  • No fingers inside my mouth, pussy or arse. Around the outside only please!
  • No toys to be used on me unless I have supplied them myself.
  • No hair pulling – please don’t touch my hair at all.
  • No sucking or biting my lips or my labia.
  • No choking, spanking, biting or rough play on me, except during a submission session with formal conversation about my limits.
  • No BDSM services unless discussed and approved prior to the booking. An online questionnaire must be completed to communicate your limits.
  • No blood letting, medical or needle play.
  • No scat play, golden showers only available during certain booking types and at my discretion.
  • No life-threatening activities in either direction.
  • Notes on kissing and DFK:  I have listed as “making out” in my inclusions. I like kissing with tongue as feels natural, but I do not enjoy having a tongue jammed into my mouth and left in there for extended periods, or being pinned down into a kiss with no way to escape.  If you make me uncomfortable with your kissing style I will not continue to kiss you.  Follow queues and ask for guidance if unsure.  
  • DURING CUDDLE BOOKINGS AND SOCIAL DATES – No kissing or sexual activities are to take place.